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Author: Simon Walter
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] question on programming (maybe OT???)

On 2024-03-22 17:28, Antony Stone wrote:
> On Friday 22 March 2024 at 17:23:32, Simon Walter wrote:
>> ORMs are where you may find a lot of nonsense.
> Pardon my ignorance. "ORMs"?

Object Relation Mapping (software, library, etc)


They can be good if you know what your doing and the project is big and
the ORM is very high quality. Most of the time you end up just having to
learn how to get the ORM to do what would have taken a couple minutes to
write an SQL query.

In a recent project in golang, I tried the "fantastic" ORM for golang
(https://gorm.io), and it could not get BOOL fields in an SQLite
database correct. Complete trash. Now I have to work to take it out. Not