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Author: Simon Walter
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] question on programming (maybe OT???)
On 2024-03-22 22:39, karl@??? wrote:
> Simon:
>> On 2024-03-21 15:22, karl@??? wrote:
>> ...
>>> A database management system like postgresql is just an unnessesary
>>> overhead.
>> This statement could create a false dichotomy in your mind.
>> "A database management system" vs "text file"
>> What about a "database" vs "text file"?
>> Also somewhat misleading, since a text file could be considered a database.
> What is it that you don't understand...

Wait a moment. I didn't say what I don't understand because I most
certainly don't understand more than I do understand. So that's not
interesting to talk about.

> any collection of data is a
> database. If you then have some software acting like a server for
> access that named data, then you have a database management system.

That what I'm saying "could create a false dichotomy in your mind".

I want paint a different picture with more gradients.

> No, I just make it easy for myself since you mostly use the latest set of
> values.

It sounds like in this case the historical data is also useful.

> Yes, I know some sql, and I say it is a major overkill for data
> collection and steering purposes.

So it's not your area of expertise. Understood.

> But if you want to do some postprocessing, you might want to go that
> way for the postprocessing part.

Yes, that's what I stated as the main reason.

> It is yet another connection which can fail.
> Compare printf() to stdout to any db-code.

This seems again to being going in the direction of a false dichotomy.

A database like SQLite or BDB is not, well you know what I am about to
say, and I think it makes sense for the person asking to know about the

If you are a really good programmer, my advice is probably not suitable
since you can just quickly rewrite everything.

Web? Probably not needed. Django, I personally don't like Python much. I
mean the type "system" is just a linter.

It sounds like maybe s/he wants some display (real time?). I can't give
much advice on libraries/tech for that... If you have small LCD or
remote computer with network connection, it would be quite different.

I recommend golang to new programmers. It's quick to get started with
and have good results. The standard tooling and library is very good.


There's so much out there. Just be careful for libraries that rely on
many more libraries. I would also say that for Python and JS. It seems
to be a symptom of a modern sickness.

Have fun!