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Author: David L. Craig
To: The first mailinglist after debianfork.org
CC: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] RAM errors
On 23Nov09:1812+0100, Antony Stone wrote:

> On Thursday 09 November 2023 at 18:07:22, David L. Craig via Dng wrote:
> > On 23Nov08:2208+1000, onefang wrote:
> > > Also I doubt my motherboard is hot swappable RAM.
> > > Never heard of that.
> >
> > Definitely this is available on IBM z16 mainframes.
> > When you're providing 40 TB and seven nines availablity,
> > that's a must-have feature.
> I must try asking my local PC supplier for one of those.
> I think my budget might stretch only to 24 TB RAM, though.

Most PC vendors are not able to sell Z Series products.
Seven nines has to be a real need for the customers who
can make a profit despite the high TCO--guys like VISA
and Wall Street too-big-to-fail types. Note Debian runs
in virtual machines on that HW (and Devuan--systemd is
not required by Z Architecture).
<not cent from sell>
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