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Author: Martin Steigerwald
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] RAM errors
onefang - 08.11.23, 13:08:37 CET:
> Disclaimer: This is all at your own risk. Removing RAM at runtime still
> > sounds quite a bit like asking for trouble to me. I tried it once out
> > of curiosity and it appeared to work. However… in any case you get to
> > keep the results, even if those are undesirable :). I advice against
> > physically removing the RAM bar at runtime after issuing "chmem",
> > unless you are 100% sure that your hardware is prepared to handle hot
> > removal.

> That's why I said to map it out. Just allocating that particular bit of
> memory once it's been discovered, doesn't have to be the entire stick
> if the memory testing shows it's consistanly one small region of
> memory. Allocate it at boot time, nothing else will try to use that,
> coz it's been allocated. Looks like this is more or less what chmem
> does, I can specify particular addresses.

The manpage specifically talks of taking the memory offline. Not sure how
that works.

And in anyway: It is your desktop. You do with it what you want. And you
get to keep the pieces :)