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Author: Martin Steigerwald
Subject: [DNG] support for System V service script deprecated (was: Re: Irony)
al3xu5 via Dng - 08.11.23, 08:27:40 CET:
> > From the NEWS file:
> >
> > * A new component "systemd-bsod" has been added, which can show
> > logged error messages full screen, if they have a log level of
> > LOG_EMERG log level.
> >
> > and https://www.phoronix.com/news/systemd-255-rc1
> Also note this:
> "Some of the new highlights coming with systemd 255 include:
> ...
> - Support for System V service scripts has been deprecated and will be
> removed in the future.
> ..."


Also there is a somewhat heated discussion in one Debian bug report
already about the continuing removal of init scripts from Debian package
by the decisions of their respective maintainers:

sysvinit-core: Please entirely remove SysVinit