:: [DNG] RAM errors (was: Re: Irony)
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Author: Martin Steigerwald
To: dng
Old-Topics: Re: [DNG] Irony
Subject: [DNG] RAM errors (was: Re: Irony)
onefang - 08.11.23, 07:12:11 CET:
> > I don't know what Martin was speaking of, but I use memtest86, a
> > bootable CD that's its own operating system specifically to test RAM.
> > With 256 GB RAM I'd guess the test will take over 24 hours. I wouldn't
> > set it to use all cores because of overheating.
> I did use that when I first built it. I'm now looking for something
> that can run in the background, so I don't have to be without my
> computer for that long. Otherwise I'd have to be without my computer
> while it runs for a month trying to catch an intermittent problem.

There is memtester in the package of the same name.

Naturally it would not be able to test RAM that is currently in use.