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Author: Steve Litt
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] s6 in devuan (Was Re: New goodies from systemd)
I agree with you Adrian. I've always said that s6 is the Cadillac of
the industry, even though the ultra-simple runit is good enough for me.

BUT, I get the feeling that Debian's handling of runit will always be
deficient, whereas I think Aitor has done a more complete and quality
job. This might give s6 a big advantage over runit on Devuan.


Adrian Zaugg said on Mon, 02 Oct 2023 13:08:30 +0200

>Dear Aitor
>These are great news! I consider s6 the most promising init system
>under the more modern ones and are looking forward to see it appear in
>Devuan at some point in the future.
>Thank you very much for your effort.
>Best regards, Adrian.
>In der Nachricht vom Saturday, 30 September 2023 21:58:07 CEST schrieb
>> Hi,
>> On 24/9/23 17:09, aitor wrote:
>> > My efforts in this matter consisted in packaging the most recent
>> > sources of the s6/s6-rc software
>> After the removal of all the stuff related to sysvinit and runit,
>> I've got a pure s6 system where everything seems to be working fine.
>> It consists of an X session (xfce desktop) including several
>> daemons: udev, dbus, elogind, dhcpcd, ubus, snetaid, usbmount,
>> seatd... Network connection works fine, as well as the hotplug
>> manager.
>> I'm going to build an iso image with s6 soon. First, I need some
>> days to improve the packaging.
>> Cheers,
>> Aitor.


Steve Litt

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