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Author: dvalin
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] What wireless broadband software to use on Devuan?

On 25.09.23 06:08, o1bigtenor wrote:
> On Mon, Sep 25, 2023 at 12:05 AM wrote:
> > Some equipment vendors sell the reporting as a feature; you can
> > check your system's performance and status on their portal, from
> > anywhere in the world.
> >
> Dunno - - - to me it sounds more like big brother is watching and
> controlling.
> I would be more than somewhat careful about siting stuff but I would

> not be allowing uncontrolled access to the internet.

Yes, I'm thinking of allowing only outgoing packets for reporting.

> Unfettered access means that someone else runs my system - - - that
> means I'm not really the owner - - - which would prompt the question
> from me - - - if you want to manage it that closely - - - I need to
> find something that I'm allowed to run (get that 'stuff' out of
> here!!). (I would bet that if their controller - - - especially the
> software - - borks that you would still be responsible for the mess.
> That point would really need clarification imo.)

The norm, at least as pushed by installers, is to allow them access,
with password protection, so they can remotely diagnose and maybe
tweak, in the event of an issue. So the customer is disempowered with
most commercial systems, but for many that's by far the safest. The
Victron controller runs a Linux variant, and grabbing root access
locally is trivial. As the SW is open source, anything too annoying
can be tweaked, if you're up for the merging hassle when upgrading
their repository. If it's only config scripts you're mucking with,
it's much easier.

If I save some money by building my own battery bank(s) with high
capacity prismatic LiFePO₄ cells (16 for 48v) and a commercial BMS
JK 16S BMS has a good in-built cell balancer, and doesn't need MSW for
config.), then there's somewhat limited warranty, and no reporting
As for the inverters, just buying a new one is quicker than making a
warranty claim, I figure. (I'm designing in a couple of middle sized
units, rather than one big one, for redundancy - kinda useful when off
grid.) Oh, the JK talks to the Victron controller, giving full battery
stats in the console, right down to individual cell voltages.

For those wanting to be in control of their stuff, it is still
with careful system design.