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Author: dvalin
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] What wireless broadband software to use on Devuan?

On 24.09.23 06:45, o1bigtenor wrote:> Hmmmmmm - - - - and why  would
the solar power inverters
> and the commercial battery stacks need to phone home regularly?

Battery life is reduced by exposure to high summer
temperatures,especially exposed to full sun on a west wall. If it is
working hard
to power e.g.an aircon, then it runs hotter still. E.g. Zenaji
have significant warranty period reductions for extended hot
The BMS (Battery Management System) will disconnect the battery
on overcharging or excessive depth of discharge, but that is reported
too. It's basically a case of "Be kind to our batteries if you want a
Incidentally, Victron's system controller, the Cerbo GX, runs VenusOS,

a linux variant. I've installed it on a RPi4 with 7" touchscreen, and
replaces the Cerbo, minus a useful bunch of interface ports. The big
thing is that the dingus is much more configurable with OS SW on it.

Some equipment vendors sell the reporting as a feature; you can
check your system's performance and status on their portal, from
anywhere in the world.