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Author: Gregory Nowak
To: o1bigtenor
CC: Devuan ML
Subject: Re: [DNG] Routing or maybe router issues
On Sun, Sep 03, 2023 at 05:50:39AM -0500, o1bigtenor wrote:
> No longer accurate. NanoPiR4S does not show up on router list.
> I can access using ssh root @ . . . but when I want to get it to
> do even an update (opkg update) it barfs and says that:
> Failed to send request: Operation not permitted
> *** Failed to download the package list from
> https://downloads.openwrt.org/snapshots/targets/rockchip/armv8/packages/Packages.gz

OK, sounds like your wan connection isn't up. You mentioned using this
on a raspberry pi 4 nano. I've done a search, and don't see anything
referred to as a nano. As far as I know all the raspberry pi boards
have one ethernet jack. That jack is configured under openwrt by
default as a LAN port. If you're using that ethernet jack without
either wifi or a usb network adapter to provide a second jack for WAN
access, that explains why you can't update the list of packages. you
have two options if you have one ethernet jack on the device, and want
to use it as a router:

1. Use either the on-board wifi adapter or a USB network adapter to
have a second interface to be used as a WAN port, or use the built-in
port as a WAN port, and USB or wifi as LAN port.

2. Configure the built-in ethernet jack as the WAN port, which would
make this device useless as a router without another network adapter.

Configuring another adapter via command line isn't a process I'd
recommend for an openwrt newby.

> > A default install of openwrt configures as the address
> > clients on its LAN interfaces use to reach it. From what you wrote
> > above, it sounds like you have the asus router connected to the lan
> > port of your openwrt device. Why exactly are you stacking one router
> > behind another?
> Want to complete install and do the configuration on openwrt.

You will first need to decide how you want to proceed as I described above.

> >
> Not so - - - that is the present setup and I can connect using ssh but I cannot
> access luci (mainly because its not yet installed).

Since you mentioned not being able to access luci, I thought you
already got it installed, and weren't able to connect to it. I do know
the openwrt image for a rpi3b doesn't include luci by default, so this
is probably the case for all rpi images.

> >
> > It sounds like the fiber to ethernet converter has internet
> > access. You're going to have to bite the bullet, and connect a PC to
> > it directly. If that scares you, use a live distribution running from
> > USB or DVD drive. Look up what you need to look up, disconnect from
> > the media converter, connect to the lan port of whatever router will
> > be connected to the media converter, configure that router how you
> > want, and connect its WAN port to the media converter. If things work
> > as they should, move on to the next device on your network. If things
> > don't work, repeat until they do.
> As each one of those cycles takes extra time to get the main box communicating
> that's about as appealing as visiting the dentist when he's run out of
> anesthetic.

Yes, it takes more time, but it is simplifying the problem into bits
which make it easier to deal with one by one. Using your analogy, you
can either put up with the toothache until the dentist gets
anesthetic, or get the problem taken care of now with more pain, but
have no pain going forward. The choice is yours.


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