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Author: onefang
To: devuan-mirrors
Subject: Re: [devuan-mirrors] Update times for package mirrors.
Thanks Matthias.

On 2023-08-11 16:41:03, Matthias Kruk wrote:
>    Hey there,
>    My mirror (devuan.m10k.jp) was one of those updating only once an hour.
>    I just changed the cronjob to run once every thirty minutes.
>    Best regards
>    Matthias
>    2023年8月11日(金) 13:46 onefang <devuan_infra@???>:

>      G'day Devuan package mirrors.

>      I debated wether to send individual emails, or just one to the list.
>      Figured I'll start with the list, then individual emails to those that
>      don't respond.

>      We prefer if the package mirrors update themselves once every 30
>      minutes,
>      espyecially the one son the DNS-RR, and most of you are doing that.   So
>      if you are one of the ones that is updating every 30 minutes, you can
>      ignole the rest of this email, thanks.

>      But there's some of you that are marked down as 1, 2, 3, even 4 hours.
>      Though some of that was just me guessing based on constant errors from
>      apt-panopticon that is monitoering these things.  I increase the timwe
>      until apt-panopticon stops showing updates errors.

>      Could every one please confirm how often you update if not updating
>      every
>      30 minutes.  And those that are updating lonegr, please change to 30
>      minutes if you can.  Especially if you are on the DNS-RR, so everyone
>      that is responding to deb.devuan.org is up to date at the same time.

>      I asked this last year, but didn't get much response.  So this year,
>      those that don't respond will get more nagging emails sent to their
>      admin
>      address.

>      We have the next release happening soon, where it'll be xvery important
>      for our mirrors to be up to date sooner rather than later.

>      Thanks for running our mirrors.
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