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Author: o1bigtenor
CC: Devuan
Subject: Re: [DNG] Remove unnecessary gcc packages
On Tue, May 16, 2023 at 11:47 AM Ismael L. Donis Garcia
<slibre@???> wrote:
> If in the end I have uninstalled them by hand and I have left alone:
> gcc-8 and gcc-12
> But the list of manually installed is immense. I'll see which ones can be
> uninstalled. It's that I've been using the system since debian 5 without
> performing a new installation and over time things have accumulated that I
> think are for nothing

When you install something you can add : sudo apt-mark auto package_name
and now that package is no longer manually installed.

(I've found that a useful trick - - - can't remember where I first
found it though - sorry!)

Right now - - - you've got some work to do though.

(Maybe someone has a neater way of doing that.)