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Author: Bob Proulx
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Problem found. I've been stupid.
Hendrik Boom wrote:
> It turns out I needed VG1 because it contains the root directory /
> And it also turns out that VG1 is on the defective RAID1 that's on the drive I'm removing.

Aha! That would cause problems. :-)

> I'll have to move the root partition to VG-3T, which *is* on the drive I'm keeping.

I am not quite in sync but wanted to post that pvmove will move data
from one PV to another PV. I have used it often. Allows moving data
in an active LVM VG from one disk to another disk. All live while the
system is running. It's pretty cool. But in any case it is a way to
move data from one PV disk to another and works well.

> So sorry to bother you all with something so obvious in retrospect.

We all need a another person to bounced discussion of our problems off
at times.

Good luck!