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Author: Alessandro Vesely
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] How does win32-loader work?
On Thu 11/May/2023 14:26:24 +0200 altoid via Dng wrote:
> As you need a*familiar* OS interface for your aunt to use, your best
> bet to have any success in helping her is to find more up to date
> hardware.

I installed LibreOffice and it works pleasantly well. Would a current
version run more slowly under Linux?

I'd at least make another attempt. She was using Word to edit her files until
last week, and didn't feel any need to change. After her disk crashed, she
bought a new one for 50€. I installed it and, as I was after it, I opened the
CD drive to place an old Windows XP cdrom inside it. I found service packs in
archive.org, but some drivers are still missing, and the OS threatens to stop
working in a month unless we register it. Furthermore, it doesn't run in
Italian, so she already finds it unfamiliar.

Buying a new PC would probably imply setting up the preinstalled version of
Windows. In case, it'd be better to get just a new motherboard. I'd try and
avoid unnecessary screwdriving though.