:: [DNG] How does win32-loader work?
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Author: Alessandro Vesely
To: Devuan users
Subject: [DNG] How does win32-loader work?
That's my aunt's old PC. It's running Windows XP on Pentium, 1Gb RAM. The
CDrom drive door doesn't open, and I won't use 5¼ floppies, so I can only boot XP.

I want to go at hers with a pen drive from which I can launch win32-loader.exe
and have a live Devuan system without installing it. Check she likes how
everything works, and then install it. In particular, the current XP OS
doesn't recognize the USB network device. Linux most likely will.

Is that at all possible?

Do I have to use two keys, one to copy win32-loader.exe and the other one with
only the ISO?

desktop-live looks like a nice choice. What window-manager can I use in order
to mimic Windows XP? I mean having a "Start" button on the lower left, which
brings up a menu. She is 97 and doesn't expect "to live long enough to learn
another OS" —which is why there's still XP. Please help her.