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Author: Bruce Perens
To: Wojtek Sawaściuk
CC: Dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] upgrade of abonded Devuan Jessie
The most important part of the PiKVM, and one that not all KVMs provide, is
that it can provide a boot medium. You can upload a disk image to it, and
it provides the disk to the controlled computer as a bootable USB device.

The PiKVM OS version runs write-protected in normal operation, so it's a
bit more robust. You normally only run it writable to change configuration
or upgrade. I would only do that if I was on site or coming there soon.



On Sun, May 7, 2023 at 7:11 AM Wojtek Sawaściuk <voyo@???> wrote:

> W dniu 04.05.2023 o 19:48, Bruce Perens via Dng pisze:
> > I won't ask how you got into this situation :-)
> >
> > I have a remote site 5 hours drive from my home with no remote hands. I
> > use PiKVM. See https://pikvm.org/ <https://pikvm.org/>
> >
> Nice solution, will take a close look, thanks.
> Usually I prefer to have kind of vendor KVM, like CIMC, iLo, Drac,
> and for typical datacenter this is rather the only solution (unless they
> provide something customized).

Bruce Perens K6BP