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Author: B Stack
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: [devuan-dev] Meeting notes 2023-05-04
# Devuan meet 2023-05-04 @20:30 UTC

Present: plasma41, golinux, Plentyn, William Merfalen (xisop on irc), fsmithred.

Regrets: hendrik, altoid (no sound or camera today-no idea
why-something broke with last updates?)
- (gl) I had to buy a new camera this morning. Must be an
unfortunate planetary alignment . . . LOL!

## Old Business

### fsmithred
- live installer bug fixed (re:disable root) and new live isos for
chimaera and daedalus-preview are up.
  - (william) do you need anyone to test that?
  - (fsr) I tested the fix. If you want to do general testing of the
daedalus isos that would be good. Thanks.
- (anon) glad to hear it
  - (gl) @anon . . . it would be appreciated if you would identify yourself.
    - (anon) just a fellow traveller acting on an old codetta :D

- New version of desktop-base uses right icon set.

## Old Actions

## New Business

### LeePen

#### ci.d.o

- Update to jenkins stable version

- Update compatible plugins.

#### Packaging

- ceres:-
+ debian-installer
+ distro-info-data
+ reportbug
+ openvpn
+ xorg-server

### golinux

- A shoutout to William Merfalen who has stepped up to take over
theming the Devuan websites for Daedalus! He tried to attend today's
meet but like altoid, had connection issues. He is not the first or
last to go through that rite of passage . . . See you next week,
xisop!! How in the heck do you say that?

(altoid) try this:
First say *Mexico* -> easy enough
Replace the third syllable 'co' with 'sop' and say *mexisop* -> still easy
Now silence the first syllable 'me' and then say *xisop* 8^)

Of course, silencing the *me* part is, as is well known, the hardest part.

## New Actions