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Author: Alexandros Prekates
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] Problems in a Daedalus fresh installation with tasksel -> console productivity

System:         PC (amd64)
Distro:         Devuan 5 (Daedalus)
Installation media:     netinstall iso for amd64 
Installation choices:     Configure the package manager / Software
selection (Tasksel) / Console Productivity ssh and web server
Installation Tag:         Desktopless,console productivity
installation. Postinstallation main packages:     xorg,awesome I
desribe the issues:

-----boot messages thrown at my tty1 login terminal
dbus(pid X)
ok run dbus (pid X)
ok run elogind (pid X)
starting Avahi

After purging avahi and elogind i still see in my tty1 :
dbus (pid X) where X points to dbus-deamon --system --nofork

---- xorg conflict with luit in Daedalus.

$ sudo apt-get install xorg
luit breaks x11-utils (<7.7.16) but 7.7..15 is to be installed // i
may have the number sligthly incorrect here I had to purge luit.

--- isc-dhcp-clientpolluting syslog with the same message

Repeatedly the same message is added: dhclient[2336]: Failed to get
interface index: No such device (with another 10 lines of
suggestions) I corrected that by installing udcpcd

--- also due to using an amd gpu with rdna2 architecture
the installer screen was torn and had to pass a vga different option
and due to a debian related change of pushing firmware to another
reposection 'non-free-firmware' i had to change manually sources.list

For most issues i got valuable support from the community.

Generally i feel that tasksel -> console productivity was a choice that
is taken less often and could lead to various issues.

Also although rdna2 is more than 2 years old gpu architecture and
amdgpu is libre software it seems that there is friction in using it.

I am thinking of reinstallation with out consoleproductivity and
generally avoiding tasksel alltogether and cherrypick with
more scrutiny my packages.


Refs :
Index» Installation» "Console productivity" tools with Devuan ASCII?

(ps: Is there a way to access the email list archive from a