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Author: golinux
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] Devuan websites need a makeover for Daedalus
On 2023-04-30 13:07, Dennis Clarke wrote:
> On 4/30/23 12:11, golinux wrote:
>> Greetings fellow travelers!
>> The next Devuan stable release, Daedalus, is on the horizon and it is
>> time to recolor the Devuan websites to mirror the signature Sapphire
>> theme color palette. It has been a great ride for me through 5 Devuan
>> releases but it is time to pass the torch.
>> The Devuan websites have always reflected the signature colors of the
>> current Devuan stable release default desktop. It requires changing
>> the hexes in the CSS for all 4 of them as well as recoloring a few
>> icons. Here is the list of websites needing attention:
>> https://www.devuan.org/
>> https://pkginfo.devuan.org/cgi-bin/policy-query.html
>> https://bugs.devuan.org/
>> https://popcon.devuan.org/
>     Changing the font color to CornFlowerBlue means little or nothing
> to me.


And your interests mean little or nothing to me. This is the way the
world rolls on but there is no need to be insulting about it.

If things are so lacking at Devuan here's an idea . . .

Why not actually DO something about it instead of moaning and groaning
and flapping gums . . . ;)