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Author: Lorenz
To: Hendrik Boom
CC: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] New to Devuan - install problem
Il giorno mer 19 apr 2023 alle ore 17:35 Hendrik Boom <
hendrik@???> ha scritto:

> > Do you choose a GPT or MBR layout? installing grub for GPT in MBR or vice
> > versa may cause this;
> Are we talking computer hardware or dis partitioning here?

I was talking about disk patition layout

> What if a computer has both MBR and GPT disk drives?
> Can grub handle a boot-time choice of which to boot from?

BIOS has an ordered list of devices to boot, and the first one that has GRUB
is the one you get, but I think you can chainload one GRUB from another one,
if you really have to..

> -- hendrik
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