:: Re: [DNG] runit: unclean shutdown?
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Author: Henry Jensen
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] runit: unclean shutdown?
Hi STeve

Am Sun, Mar 12, 2023 at 10:47:39PM -0400 schrieb Steve Litt:

> To start, I'll post my 3 shellscript, and perhaps you'll see something
> mine has that yours doesn't.

Curious, my /etc/runit/3 looks completely different. The last line is

/etc/init.d/rc 0

which should execute all K* scripts in /etc/rc0.d/, including the
unmount stuff. But obiviously this fails somehow.

However, I added now some excerpts from you script before the last line:

halt -w # for wtmp
udevadm control --exit
pkill --inverse -s0,1 -TERM
sleep 1
pkill --inverse -s0,1 -KILL
swapoff -a
umount -r -a -t nosysfs,noproc,nodevtmpfs,notmpfs
mount -o remount,ro /

It seems that this does the trick, no complains from the root partion
at boot now. Thank you.