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Author: Steve Litt
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] dnsmasq or unbound
capercally.bleery670@??? said on Fri, 10 Mar 2023 22:28:08 -0800

>For a forwarding only, caching name server, which is to be picked?
>Some circumstances:
>- it will have to serve a local network (not just localhost)
>- it will have to log queries
>- eventually (though not initially), it will have to "blackhole" some
> queries to prevent some outbound connections
>- probably needs to run on a RaspberryPi with raspbian,
> but without systemd (I surgically removed it :-)

I know nothing about dnsmasq or any other dns software other than
tinydns/unbound, djbdns and bind, so my reply doesn't answer your
question, but might serve as a data point.

Like most people, I started with bind because it was my distro's
default, so I used bind 1998 to the mid 00's. I never liked bind,
even though I wrote the bind chapter in Redhat Linux 6 Unleashed.

Then on the recommendation of Kevin Korb, I switched to djbdns, and for
all the reasons laid out by djb, I won't go back to bind. Also, I
really liked djbdns. In the late 10's I switched to unbound because
unbound was easier than djbdns to install and admin, and because it
wasn't likely djbdns would ever work with IPV6.

I've run unbound since then, and like it a lot.


Steve Litt
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