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Author: Tony Lindgren
To: Ivaylo Dimitrov
CC: Pavel Machek, kernel list, linux-arm-kernel, linux-omap, sre, nekit1000, mpartap, merlijn, martin_rysavy, phone-devel, maemo-leste
Subject: Re: [maemo-leste] Motorola Droid 4 -- Stopping charger when battery is full
* Ivaylo Dimitrov <ivo.g.dimitrov.75@???> [230307 14:10]:
> Also, some guys have concerns about charging (and keeping it charged) @4.35,
> because of the possibly reduced battery life.

Yes for devices connected to a charger for long periods the battery will
bloat up within some weeks or months. This happens easily when using a
lapdock for example.

A simple and safe solution here might be that we allow charging up to
4.35V only once when the charger is connected. Then we let the voltage
decrease to 4.2V (or whatever known good maintenance voltage) if the
charger stays connected.

For folks wanting to force the charge voltage higher we have the sysfs