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Author: aitor
To: Boian Bonev, dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] amixer-gtk (was: Re: mixer for alsa)
Hi Boian,

On 26/2/23 23:23, Boian Bonev wrote:
> Thanks for spotting. Please file a PR here:https://github.com/eudev-
> project/eudev
> The above is the current upstream of eudev after Gentoo decided to abandon it.
> Merging fixes upstream is the proper way to go, because in this way all
> distributions that use eudev will get the fix.
> I am planning to release 3.2.12 after merging the last hwdb and maybe other
> systemd changes. There is also one issue cum patch that is pending extra work
> but I am not sure that I will find time to address it.
> In case you are interested in eudev's progress, you are welcome to join - there
> is the GH and also #eudev

Thanks for the info! I'll create a pull request as soon as possible.