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Author: Boian Bonev
To: aitor, dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] amixer-gtk (was: Re: mixer for alsa)

Thanks for spotting. Please file a PR here: https://github.com/eudev-

The above is the current upstream of eudev after Gentoo decided to abandon it.
Merging fixes upstream is the proper way to go, because in this way all
distributions that use eudev will get the fix.

I am planning to release 3.2.12 after merging the last hwdb and maybe other
systemd changes. There is also one issue cum patch that is pending extra work
but I am not sure that I will find time to address it.

In case you are interested in eudev's progress, you are welcome to join - there
is the GH and also #eudev

With best regards,

On Sun, 2023-02-26 at 20:56 +0100, aitor wrote:
> Hi,
> On 26/2/23 9:59, aitor wrote:
> > Looking at the code of eudev, I've found a way to request TERM signal if
> > parent exits:
> Btw, I think there is a mistake in the code of libudev-device.c (line 536): 
>           ...
>      } else if (startswith ( property, "USEC_INITIALIZED=" ) ) {
>             udev_device_set_usec_initialized(udev_device, strtoull (
> &property[19], NULL, 10 ) );
>     } else if ( startswith(property, "DRIVER=" ) ) {
>          ...
> It should be:
>             udev_device_set_usec_initialized(udev_device, strtoull (
> &property[17], NULL, 10 ) );
> because the strlen of "USEC_INITIALIZED=" is equal to 17.
> Which is the right place to report this?
> Cheers,
> Aitor.