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Author: aitor
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] amixer-gtk (was: Re: mixer for alsa)

On 29/1/23 1:00, aitor wrote:
> the source in git should compile without problems in other distributions. I tested
> it in Void, but you'll need to replace gtkmm-2.4 with gtkmm-3.0 in the Makefile if the earlier is not
> available in the repo of your distro.

I've fixed more bugs, as explained in the debian/changelog. The
uninizialized variable: char target[PATH_MAX]; was cause of undefined
behaviour. The bug has been fixed filling the block of memory with zeros
(line 234 in ui/main.cpp), just as memset(). Packages:
https://packages.gnuinos.org/gnuinos/pool/main/a/amixer-gtk/ Amixer-gtk
options: -c --card N select the hw:N card -D --device select the device,
default 'default' -s --systray run in the systray -x --xpos x position
-y --ypos y position -W --width window width -H --height window height
Cheers, Aitor.