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Author: aitor
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] amixer-gtk (was: Re: mixer for alsa)

On 17/1/23 2:25, aitor wrote:
> A new version of amixer-gtk has been released with various bug fixes.

I've been using the following library:


in some of my projects, but surprisingly readproc.h has been removed from the installed headers of
libproc2-dev (previously named libprocps-dev), and the symbols openproc, readproc, closeproc,...
no longer exist in libproc2.sym:


Therefore, I decided to remove the dependency on libprocps in all of my projects and now I'm using
another method that requires the kernel config variable CONFIG_PROC_CHILDREN to be enabled. So is in
the stock kernel of debian:


Note that this variable determines the presence of the files /proc/<pid>/task/<tid>/children, where
<tid> are the identifiers of the tasks carried out in the process with pid=<pid>.

Today I applied this change to the sources of amixer-gtk and the packages for daedalus are already
available in packages.gnuinos.org:


http://packages.gnuinos.org/gnuinos/pool/main/a/amixer-gtk/amixer-gtk_0.2.1-1+gnuinos5_i386.deb <http://packages.gnuinos.org/gnuinos/pool/main/a/amixer-gtk/amixer-gtk_0.2.1-1+gnuinos5_amd64.deb>

On the other hand, the source in git should compile without problems in other distributions. I tested
it in Void, but you'll need to replace gtkmm-2.4 with gtkmm-3.0 in the Makefile if the earlier is not
available in the repo of your distro.