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Author: Marc Shapiro
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Can't play certain DVD's
On 2/13/23 06:27, onefang wrote:
> On 2023-02-13 06:58:49, Jonathan Drews via Dng wrote:
>> libdvdnav: DVD Title: UNTOLD_HISTORY_DISC_2
> Sorry, but I can't resist. This history will remain untold.
> You'll be needing libdvdread8 I think. And likely libdvdcss2 from an
> external package repo, which the libdvdread8 docs mention.

On checking my box for these packages, I see libdvdread4 and
libdvdread8, both installed.  The description is identical for both of
them, although livdvdread8 is lightly larger (190 kb as opposed to 180
kb).  Do I need both?  Or is livdvdread4 an older version that is
effectively replaced by libdvdread8?