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Author: john faulk
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] Devuan DVD set production script

I've been working on a script to convert a locally produced devuan mirror
into a set of DVD isos. The code can be found here:

Some things to note:
1. You will need to delete the dists directory after the mirror is made
2. The script should be run inside the directory containing "pool"
3. This is intended to be used on a single-architecture mirror
4. Do only one section at a time. Currently the script is hard-coded to
non-free as this is what I was testing with, please make sure to change
this to your intended section BEFORE you run the script
5. This script can be easily modified to produce Blu-Ray-Disc or
Double-Layer-Blu-Ray-Disc sets, as well!

The script is run like this:

sudo ./makecds <$ARCH>

This isn't much, and clearly not the most effective solution to producing a
DVD set, but it's a starting point in our journey to do so. The ultimate
goal of this project is to get us to a point where we can offer DVD sets in
future releases, bringing us one step closer to parity with Debian.