:: [DNG] Mariadb upgrade issue
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Author: Curtis Maurand
To: Dng
Subject: [DNG] Mariadb upgrade issue
I've had Mariadb server installed.  the 10.5.15 upgrade to 10.5.18
upgrade kept failing.  I finally got frustrated and started reading the
logs and found that rc-server couldn't be found. Further reading through
various forums revealed that rc-service is part of openrc.  I'm using
sysv.  I tried to install openrc, but got rebuffed due to the mariadb
10.5.18 upgrade being broken.  I couldn't get past the the mariadb thing.

Solution to fix this turned out to be  "ln -s /usr/sbin/service

I was using aptitude at the time.  I re-ran my upgrades and everything
worked.  How simple was that?  I just wanted to post in case anyone else
ran into this trouble.