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Author: irelativism
To: heads
Subject: [heads] Prestium I2Pbased headslike
this project seams very dormant given all the work happening on darkfi by parazyd.
But a few days ago a very insteresting development happend only active to my knowledge I2P based LiveOS, obviously tails used to have I2P on early days when bases on OpenBSD and was call AnonymousOS, regardeless I though I reach out to creator of this new project to maybe create a colaburation here or even merger of the projects has new maintainer of headOS. prestium.org
here is my initial reachout to him.
Hey there great work on OS,

I would suggest you look into HeadOS heads.dyne.org has a way to source inspiration for problems you spoken about in social.tchncs.de, by the way main maintainner of project is now busy with dark.fi at the moment, so parazyd is no longer maintaining it might be a good opurtunity for you to take over project, fresh start new improved name as well I would say.
I also think there is value in having a totally 100 per cent FOSS upstream like debian devuan are but for arch based I would advise looking into hyperbola arch snapshots with debian security patches. A lot of similar goals to yours and would be a very nice base for you no systemd, or d-bus nonsense and all related frameworks and you can use Lumina has DE qt based as well. https://wiki.hyperbola.info/doku.php?id=en:philosophy:dbus_failure
Look foward to hear more feedback from you. Disclaimer would be happy to give you a riseup invite if you wish to get way from proton soydev mail. Cheers Irelativism

Sorry for language, english is not my native one