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Author: x5HwVE4yeu
To: heads
Subject: [heads] Adopting ideas and features from TAILS
I have a few feature requests that I think would make heads a better privacy GNU/Linux live distribution.
You should synchronize the time of the operating system to that of the current Tor exit node (or was it entry node? I forget now, please correct me, but you get the idea..). TAILS does that to prevent fingerprinting based on what time zone you are in. Since I saw a review of heads there was no indication that it syncs time. If your exit node is somewhere in France for example, it should sync the OS time to that location. In TAILS you can view the Tor circuit even without having to open up the Tor browser. That would be a nice feature as well. TAILS also has a "Tor is ready" message. And it doesn't let you connect if it doesn't sync successfully.
It would be nice if heads had an unsafe web browser just like TAILS for when you want to do something that requires the clearnet, such as logging in to accounts not created with Tor.
A file/folder and perhaps a disk encryption software is also a must have for a privacy distro, just don't add Veracrypt, since the Truecrypt 3.0 license is non-free. Check this out:
There is Diskcryptor, made by a former Truecrypt developer, it's GPLv3, however it hasn't been updated since 2014. Still, it's free software and it doesn't have the TC 3.0 license. The dyne:bolic distribution has an encryption tool called Tomb, also free software. DM crypt is free software, but I don't know of any graphical tools for it, and the encryption needs to happen at install time I think. Tomb is cli as well, but the instructions they have should be simple enough.
I also don't think github is a good place for a free software project. GitHub is non-free and currently owned by Microsoft. Instead consider gitlab, savannah for non-gnu projects, or Not-A-Bug.
Finally I think you should get in touch with the Free Software Foundation and get your distribution approved and listed by them! heads would be a good substitute for TAILS.
Note, I haven't tested or used heads, I'm just giving you ideas based on what other anonymous operating systems offer.