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Author: wirelessduck
To: devuan developers internal list
CC: dng
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] Libseat support for xorg

> On 2 Feb 2023, at 12:30, wirelessduck@??? wrote:
> I have reported one bug testing libseat1 with elogind.
> If I am testing again with seatd installed should I also remove elogind? That appears to want to remove some other packages and install consolekit.

I just tested with seatd and elogind both installed. The logs appear to show running with seatd.

All looks good and no problems with seatd from initial testing:

login to virtual console.
Run openbox with startx.
Unplug/replug keyboard, mouse, and two hdmi monitors.
Login to multiple VC/startx at the same time and switch between them.

Anything else that should be tested?