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Author: Alessandro Vesely
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] /usr merge
On Sun 29/Jan/2023 10:31:46 +0100 Steve Litt wrote:
>> machines and AI algorithms nobody really
>> understands (but we trained it with TBs of data....
>> yet it will not be the same as 4 million years of evolution).

I think the ununderstandability of AI, like that of natural intelligence, can
be derived from Gödel findings. Our rational way of understanding is limited
that way.

>> For me the KISS rule should be:
>> if it is needed to boot the system put it in /bin,/sbin,/lib
>> and if the resulting filesystem is bigger than a floppy
>> you are doing it wrong. Everything else goes in /usr.

That's a very good principle, clear and concise.

> I see your point, but going back to a couple megabyte for the OS is
> impossible for any distro providing more than CLI and a few simple
> servers.

That impossibility stems from bloating the concept of boot. It is enough to
limit to $local_fs or $remote_fs. The rest of "boot" doesn't care about