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Author: Rob Pearce
To: devuan-dev
New-Topics: [devuan-dev] New SLiM version (was Re: Obsolete dependency - lsb-base)
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] Obsolete dependency - lsb-base
On 24/01/2023 22:03, Rob Pearce wrote:
> Any thoughts on the systemd service file issue? I don't suppose it's > too much of a worry on Devuan but there is a patch to debianize >

slim.service so it probably should be installed! Actually, from a bit >
of reading I've done, I think the patch is now wrong, as Debian >
changed the way default display managers are handled. Anyway, the > file
used to be installed (definitely at the chimaera version) but > isn't
any more, and I don't know why. > There's nothing quite like hitting the
"send" button on a mailing list post to make you realise you've just
written something daft. Of course I know why the file's not being
installed - I commented those lines out in the CMakeLists.txt upstream.
The logic wasn't quite right and I was intending to do something better
but got sidetracked and accidentally committed the "never install the
service file" state. Easy to patch, so I'll sort that out.



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