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Subject: Re: [DNG] running with separate / and /usr
A quick websearch shows numerous recent articles asserting that SSD life
is actually better than HDD life.  For some definitions of lifetime,
YMMV, don't trust everything you read, etc....

>> #2 Where you start wearing out your SSD/NVMe is with frequent
>>     rewriting, which happens primarily on /home and other user data
>>     directories.
> unless the ssd is capable of its own wear-levelling.

I'd be rather surprised if an SSD doesn't do its own wear-leveling these
days, USB flash drives do it.

I did kill a very old FAT-formatted USB flash drive many years ago; the
data was fine but the fixed-position FAT table got beat to death and
eventually wouldn't accept my multiple-times-per-day updates.

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