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Author: Merlijn Wajer
To: Pavel Machek
CC: maemo-leste
Subject: Re: [maemo-leste] Maemo Leste new years update


On 15/01/2023 22:13, Pavel Machek wrote:
> Hi!
>> One more thing.. I could not figure out how to do repeated alarm in
>> Clocks. Likely somethings is not quite right there.
> So.. either I did it wrong last time or alarms behave different today
> (or is it portrait vs. landscape?). There is black on black text in
> alarm "repeat" settings, but I can get it to repeat (and it is very
> very slow). I can't scroll past thursday, but I should be able to get
> alarm repeated Mo..Th :-).

The theming problem is known, unfortunately. We need to tweak it in such
a way that there actually is a proper contrast (i.e. white text in this
case). It's also a problem in qt5 notifications.

If there is an area that is not scrollable, it sounds like we need to
add a QScroller to the area, so that it's touch-scrollable.