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Author: dng@d404.nl
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] trying to do a chimera netinstall
On 09-01-2023 15:24, o1bigtenor via Dng wrote:
> I may have more issues yet!
> Thought I would try using the above and understanding that it meant
> 1. start the install
> 2. type C-A-F2 and then do a
> 3. modeprobe nvme.ko and that hopefully getting things going.
> Well - - - this morning (checked and secure boot is still off and the usbstick
> is still listed as the 1st boot device) the twirly (dumb) circly thing
> starts on
> the black screen and then after a bit it changes to the same twirly stars in
> a circle thing but on a blue background and it then is booting into windows.
> This is the same usb stick as yesterday so dunno what changed.
> Do I have to reinstall the installer?
> Are the problems going to be less if I install using the 1st dvd equivalent
> instead of trying to do a net-install?
> This is getting rather tedious.
> Maybe I need to forget about having a laptop for reading books running
> on linux - - - - just no can do.
> Please advise.
> _______________________________________________

What you describe sounds like that your installer has been broken somehow.

Personally I prefer Ventoy, an open source tool to create bootable USB
pendrives for ISO/WIM/IMG/VHD(x)/EFI files. You install Ventoy once and
add as many iso/wim/img/vhd(x ) files that fit on the USB pendrive.
After booting you can choose from a menu which distro you want to install.