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Author: Rob Pearce
To: devuan-dev
Old-Topics: Re: [devuan-dev] Status of the SLiM login manager project
New-Topics: Re: [devuan-dev] Status of the SLiM login manager project
Subject: [devuan-dev] Slightly obscure packaging best practice question (was Re: Status of the SLiM login manager project)
Hi guys,

This is a question that's occurred to me while developing upstream...

On 28/12/2022 19:36, Boian Bonev wrote:
>> (I have become aware of a couple of bugs but the only new one doesn't
>> affect Devuan so I'll fix them upstream for V1.4.0)
> When that gets released, you can do another build - I see no point in
> delaying the current one, waiting for next release.

As part of the work I've been doing towards slim V1.4.0, I've cleaned up
the slimlock support somewhat. This brought to my attention a mistake
I'd made when adding the "auth failed" message (from slimlock) to slim
itself, at V1.3.7 - namely that the message position is treated as
relative to the panel, not the screen. It's relative to the screen in
slimlock, and various other messages are also relative to the screen.
It's quite an easy fix but would change the meaning of entries in theme

As it happens, none of the existing public themes use it in the "wrong"
way that I implemented - if it's specified at all then it was done for
slimlock. As such, and since the only known package of >V1.3.6 is in
unstable, a simple approach would be to update for V1.4.0 as intended
and add a patch to fix V1.3.9 as an updated unstable package.

For upstream, I'll need to include a warning in the release notes. On
Gentoo, where I've come from, there's a mechanism for issuing such
warnings on package upgrades. Presumably the Debian packages also
support something like that - I know an "apt upgrade" sometimes pauses
for an announcement. It probably won't be necessary in this case but it
would be good to know for future reference.