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Author: Michael Neuffer
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] Kernel 6.0 and console blank

On 12/14/22 14:38, Michael S. Keller via Dng wrote:
> I upgraded to kernel 6.0 via the testing repo.
> On one of my x86_64 machines, there is no console output after a certain
> point in the boot process, and ctrl-alt-Fn shows only a blank screen.
> ctrl-alt-F7 does not return to X11 (or the video card is asleep, don't
> know which). This host is still reachable across the network, and
> restarting X11 brings the GUI display back.
> With kernel 5.10, it behaved as I would expect, with virtual consoles
> accessible.
> I tried adding "consoleblank=0" to the kernel options, but that did not
> appear to help.
> Has anyone else encountered this?
> My video card is an nVidia GTX 760, and in case it helps, the driver is
> nvidia-tesla-470-driver (doesn't support newer).

I remember reading about console blanking problem issues in 6.0 a few
weeks back, which were due to some new code and the recommendation to
either up or downgrade the kernel.

Unfortunately I don't remember much more then that.