:: [DNG] Kernel 6.0 and console blank
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Author: Michael S. Keller
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] Kernel 6.0 and console blank
I upgraded to kernel 6.0 via the testing repo.

On one of my x86_64 machines, there is no console output after a certain
point in the boot process, and ctrl-alt-Fn shows only a blank screen.
ctrl-alt-F7 does not return to X11 (or the video card is asleep, don't
know which). This host is still reachable across the network, and
restarting X11 brings the GUI display back.

With kernel 5.10, it behaved as I would expect, with virtual consoles

I tried adding "consoleblank=0" to the kernel options, but that did not
appear to help.

Has anyone else encountered this?

My video card is an nVidia GTX 760, and in case it helps, the driver is
nvidia-tesla-470-driver (doesn't support newer).