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Author: . fsmithred
To: devuan developers internal list
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] ARM64 SUCCESS
On 12/11/22, john faulk <mrjohnnywfaulk@???> wrote:
> Morning everyone!
> After fixing bug after bug in installer-iso, I got all the way to the last
> part, where it was supposed to hybridize the iso with iso hybrid. Sadly
> this did not work on ARM64 natively, BUT, I transferred the unhybridized
> iso, and I did it manually on my amd64 machine, and am pleased to announce
> that I have SUCCESSFULLY constructed a fully-functioning Devuan ARM64
> Netinstall iso!
> If anyone can think of an alternative solution to using isohybrid from
> syslinux-utils at the end, that is the ONLY thing standing between us and
> being able to do it completely with the code.
> Today is a proud day for Devuan and Init Freedom!
> -John

The desktop-live isos use xorriso with appropriate options to create
the isohybrid. I don't know if you can use this. The xorriso command
starts at line 126 -