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Author: Rob Pearce
To: devuan-dev
Subject: Re: [devuan-dev] Status of the SLiM login manager project
On 12/12/2022 16:28, Boian Bonev wrote:
> Yes, it sounds like a good start.

Great! That's a relief ;)
> As a bit of advice - it is better to use a ceres vm for the build. One
> of the reasons is that running lintian manually allows for more
> options.

Yes, I had actually upgraded the VM to ceres just after I posted,
because I'm developing in suites/unstable (as per Mark's advice) so I
actually need a ceres system to install and test what I build.
> Here is an example of the output of:
> lintian --pedantic --show-overrides --no-tag-display-limit -E -I

> Hope the above helps to understand which is what; most of them are
> trivial to fix. In case you have questions, please ask 😄

Thanks, very helpful. Some of the errors / warnings are fairly obviously
trivial to fix but not all.

I'm a little cautious about updating declared standards or compatibility
versions without understanding the implications, for example. I've
occasionally fallen foul of the Gentoo "EAPI" level causing parts of the
ebuild file to become invalid, and I kind of expect similar
consequences. After all, it's not that different to the situation of
moving from GCC8 to GCC10 and finding the code no longer builds. I'm
sure there's some good documentation of what the various standards
versions changed; I just need to find it.



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