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Author: jkinney23
To: Steve Litt
CC: dng
Old-Topics: Re: [DNG] meta: list
Subject: [DNG] Seeking professional mentor (was Re: meta: list)
>On Thursday, September 8, 2022, 04:35:35 a.m. PDT, Steve Litt <slitt@???> wrote:
>>  Would anyone have the infrastructure to help us less advantaged FOSS advocates
>> who got trampled on by big tech and the pandemic with the appropriate email
>> address
>> to stay involved in the discussion if this experiment happens? 

>I don't understand the preceding question.

To explain: I used to run a small solo FOSS advocacy project where I recycled
computers and gave them away to kids and non-profits and taught them some basic
digital literacy skills. I did about 200 on my own. In a heavily Microsoft-centric
community. Should I explain what the impact was on my small business here? I
hope not.

I've since retrained with a better CS skill-set and wrote my LPIC-1 certification to go
with my work, but the pandemic put me homeless in an RV instead and dependent
on a social support system that doesn't care that I took advantage of free online
resources to build those skills and certainly does not care about FOSS.

The original poster sounded like I would need to be running my own domain and
email service to participate in your gmail resistance experiment. I don't have the
means to do that on my own at this time. I *could* look up documentation to set up
email service on my own, although I've not done that before.

>> I just got here and I
>> love it. I'd otherwise need a bit more time if all the wise old veterans are
>> leaving to go
>> somewhere else :)

>Whoaaa! As far as I know, neither I nor anybody else was advocating changing or
>abandoning THIS list. I would be very against that. I thought we were talking about
>an SMTP that would bounce gmail krap and not bounce DMARC, DKIM, OATH2 and all the
>other clutterment the big boys are using to try to marginalize email so their walled
>gardens have no competition.

Perfect! As long as I've already stuck my foot in my mouth on list, is there anyone
from the Devuan community that would like to help mentor someone into a new
career as a system administrator? I've been very unhappy in other communities
because I understand the problems big tech is causing and this place seems to
share my values. I feel really at home here. I finally got around to installing Devuan
on bare metal to use as my main system and I really like design choices that have been
made. I come from this little minimalist Debian based system called Crunchbang
and have been rolling my own from scratch since it was discontinued. It was very
easy and comfortable to do this with Devuan as well. It's also been really nice to
be reading posts on a mailing list with veterans who know what they are doing.

It would be awesome if someone from this community had just the bare minimum
of time to help me figure out how to get back to work using a system like this that I feel
comfortable using both on technical and ethical levels. If anyone has suggestions
at all that could help me feel, free to respond in whatever way feels best for you.

In any case, thanks so much to this community for building such a rocking system
for me to get work done on! I love it!

Warm Regards,


Jason Kinney
Ethical Technologist
Surrey, BC, Canada
jkinney23 at yahoo.ca