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Author: grarpamp
To: unsystem
Subject: [unSYSTEM] Israel Implements Brutal Ban and War On Cash, Beast Rising
This total control is already declared by the globalists
to be coming to all your countries, elements for which
are already being quietly developed and tested in each.
Some have already rolled it out...

Israel's War On Cash Goes Criminal


Starting Monday, it will be a criminal offense in Israel to pay more
than the equivalent of $1,700 in cash to a business or $4,360 in cash
to individual, as the government intensifies its ongoing war on
tangible money.

It's a war that began in earnest with the 2018 passage of the Law for
the Reduction in the Use of Cash. Israeli businesses and individuals
began facing limits on cash transactions in January 2019. However, on
Aug 1, those limits are being slashed nearly in half.

    “We want the public to reduce the use of cash money,” Tamar
Bracha, who's responsible for carrying out the law for Israel’s Tax
Authority, told The Media Line.

    “The goal is to reduce cash fluidity in the market, mainly because
crime organizations tend to rely on cash. By limiting the use of it,
criminal activity is much harder to carry out.”

Israel also limits the extent to which cash is used in transactions
involving multiple payment methods. If the total transaction value is
more than the above thresholds, cash may only be used for 10% of the
purchase. Car purchases are given a higher, 50,000 NIS (New Israeli
Shekels) limit -- about $14,700.

Violators are subject to penalties that can reach 25% of the
transaction for individuals and 30% for businesses. According to
Israel National News, the government has amassed the equivalent of $5
billion in fines since restrictions began in 2019.

Not all transactions are affected, as The Media Line explains:

    There are some exemptions to the new law: charitable institutions,
which are most common in ultra-Orthodox society; and trade with
Palestinians from the West Bank, who are not citizens of Israel. In
the case of the latter, deals including large amounts of cash will be
allowed, yet they will require a detailed report to Israel’s Tax

However, in Israel's phased approach to eliminating cash from society,
those exceptions are destined to expire.

Next, Israel's finance ministry plans to deliver a proposal to
parliament to criminalize the mere possession of cash exceeding a
certain sum. One version of the proposal set the possession cap at the
shekel equivalent of just $14,700.

Limits like Israel's are just one way to work toward "de-cashing" a
population. A 2017 International Monetary Fund paper outlined other
tactics, including abolishing large-denomination bills, imposing
reporting requirements on cash transactions over a certain threshold,
requiring the declaration of cash when entering or leaving a country,
or applying an additional tax when cash is used. Various countries and
economic blocs have already started implementing measures from this

A war on cash isn't the only way Israel is leading the way to an
authoritarian future; it has also:

        Started technical trials for a central bank digital currency,
which could help eradicate cash and maximize control

        Implemented digital vaccination passports that helped bar the
unvaxxed -- including those who were unboosted -- from participating
in various aspects of life.

        Maintained a controversial database storing the biometric data
of millions of citizens.

        Joined a group of eight countries working toward development
of "digital identities."

        Aggressively implemented facial recognition programs.

    I once warned that the architecture of oppression was near.

    It has arrived.https://t.co/Ph9s3qhlwH
    — Edward Snowden (@Snowden) November 8, 2021