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Author: grarpamp
To: unsystem
Subject: [unSYSTEM] HBO and GovMedia's Gratuitous Swat At Anarchism Backfires
Hello dead Uns list, wake up ok,
there is always much for you can do to make difference in the world,
and now you will have much more audience to speak truths to ;)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1EA5k34PEM Trailer: The Anarchists

Find it on all your favorite distributed encrypted uncensorable
unstoppable p2p filesharing networks and alternative media sites.


Will state licensed media ever give good words to anarchy?

But that exposure is backfiring on them, twitters reddits facebooks
are lit, search queries are rising, and Streisand is in effect... ;)


Anarchism, Voluntaryism, Libertarian, Agorist, SeaSteading,
Privacy P2P Cryptocurrency, Prediction Markets,
3D-Printed guns, Austrian Economics, Free Markets,
Home Schooling, CryptoAnarchy, Social Freedom,
Free Association, and more... all the un-things...
No rulers, non aggression, no authoritarian force.

For these and more, any mainstream exposure
is free advertising, seeding keywords into minds,
drawing in more who are seeking alternative answers,
that first window opened on their phones, sparking the
curious to learn and adopt... more will now journey
into and share in building the permacultures of freedom.

Get ready.

Keep building the p2p, living the life, and doing the amazing outreach.

Anarchism... It's Fucking Epic!