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Author: Curtis Maurand
To: dng
Subject: Re: [DNG] PHP question
Thank  you all for your help.  Sorry for the delay in response. I had a
hardware issue to deal with, yesterday.  All is well. I've been reading
all of the suggestions that were sent.  I will keep you posted with what
I come up with.


On 6/23/22 14:57, Rod Rodolico via Dng wrote:
> sury breaks devuan since the maintainer decided to use systemd
> specific libraries to create a temp file. instead, use tdrnetworks,
> which is basically sury, but gets rid of that dependency.
> See
> https://kb.unixservertech.com/unix/linux/debian/devuan_sury
> for complete information.
> I'm running Devuan with ISPConfig3 also.
> Rod
> On 6/23/22 10:49, Curtis Maurand via Dng wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I've been running Devuan on my break even public facing webhosting
>> system for several years.  I've been using ISPConfig and the debian
>> perfect server instructions with adjustments for Devuan.  I'm up to
>> Devuan Beowulf at the moment and trying to go to chimaera so that I
>> can get PHP 7.4 support.  I'm happy to build a new server and migrate
>> sites from Beowulf to Chimaera except that PHP 7.4 goes end of life
>> at the end of November of this year.  The current versions PHP are
>> 8.0 and 8.1.
>> Using the instructions at packages.sury.org, I am able to add the
>> other versions of PHP except for PHPN.n-fpm due to a (what seems to
>> be a completely unnecessary) dependence upon systemd.
>> I would love to keep running Devuan.  It runs way better than
>> anything systemd based.  Is there a workaround for this limitation? 
>> I've tried installing the package from chimaera, but it's a couple of
>> minor revisions behind sury.org. It also seems to need a version of
>> libc6 greater than or equal to x.xx.
>> As a web hoster I need to be able to deploy multiple versions of PHP
>> and I don't see very advanced support for it in Devuan. Developers
>> need to test PHP 8 as it's different enough to cause trouble for apps
>> written intending to run on version 7.4
>> Trying not to install ubuntu,
>> --Curtis
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