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Author: Steve Litt
To: dng
Subject: [DNG] Steve Litt presents "HTML and CSS: What you need to know"
Hi all,

Wednesday Evening, June 1, 2022, at 7pm Eastern Daylight time Steve Litt
gives his "HTML and CSS: What you need to know" presentation at the
monthly GoLUG online meeting.

When: 7pm Eastern Daylight time on Wednesday, June 1, 2022. Starts right
at 7pm Eastern Daylight Time.

Where: https://meet.jit.si/golug

Subject: HTML and CSS: What you need to know.

HTML is the foundation of web page construction. No matter what tools
you use, they eventually boil down to HTML. CSS (Cascading Style
Sheets) is the modern foundation of web page appearance, decoration,
and to some extent behavior. All quality tools eventually apply
appearances via CSS. Consider the following:

* A deep understanding of HTML and CSS improves understanding of higher
level web construction tools.

* A deep understanding of HTML and CSS gives the term "full stack
developer" a whole new meaning.

* Making your HTML5 also well-formed XML yields huge benefits in
debugging, portability, and getting the output you envisioned. Doing
this is trivially easy.

* HTML and CSS are all that's necessary to make a responsive,
mobile-friendly web page.

* A deep understanding of HTML and CSS plus a zen-coding editor often
make direct HTML/CSS authoring easier and quicker than some of the
higher level tools.

* A deep understanding of CSS makes a world of difference in the
appearance of quick-author methods such as Markdown, Asciidoc, and
reStructuredText. Get the best of both worlds.

* Markdown (or other "wiki" languages) plus tokens plus simple Python
programming plus a deep knowledge of HTML and CSS produces amazing
results from the fastest authoring environments.

* Each HTML element has a peer in the Document Object Model (DOM),
making it easy to implement Javascript solutions or modify with an
XML parser (assuming the HTML5 is also XML).

Topics discussed include the following:

* Container type HTML elements
* Non-container type HTML elements
* Making your HTML5 also be well-formed XML
    - Debugging your XMLized HTML5
        . Much easier than debugging non-XML HTML5
* The extreme benefits of styles-based authoring
* Structure of a CSS Style
* HTML5 validation
* Making your page responsive
    - Mobile-first authoring
* Mobile-friendly testing

If you have anything to do with web authoring or would like to in the
future, this presentation is for you.

What is GoLUG? Greater Orlando Linux User Group, Orlando Florida.

Who will be there? Folks from Orlando Florida, all over the United
States, and likely internationally.



Steve Litt
GoLUG Publicity Coordinator
Greater Orlando Linux User Group