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Author: Brad Campbell
To: dng
Old-Topics: [DNG] Shutdown/halt versus WiFi and NFS
Subject: Re: [DNG] Shutdown/halt versus WiFi and NFS
On 24/9/20 03:55, Michael S. Keller via Dng wrote:
> My desktop is running Chimaera, and I saw this with Beowulf, but didn't spend much time on it then.
> My network connection is via WiFi, and I have permanent NFS mounts in place. I run SysV init.
> During halt or shutdown via init scripts, NetworkManager is terminated before the NFS unmount, which brings down the active NIC, and usually the unmount hangs forever, so I have to do a hard reset or power-off.
> After futzing with it for a while, trying to find a more elegant solution, I ended up just renaming K01network-manager and K02sendsigs in rc0.d and rc6.d. Now shutdown and reboot run reliably.
> Before that, I tried renaming K01network-manager to K06network-manager, to place it after the NFS unmount, but it ran earlier anyway.
> I also tried shielding NetworkManager from sendsigs, and I think it would have worked if I could make K0.network-manager run later, but that was about the point I gave up and took a virtual hammer to the issue.

2 years on and I keep bumping up against this issue on my laptop. Truth be told I've been bumping up against it for a long while, but an enforced break saw me have time to look into it.

I've tried shuffling dependencies in the scripts, but can't seem to sort it out.

Mine are transient nfs mounts, but if I forget to unmount one before rebooting it hangs and has to be power cycled.

$ cat /etc/devuan_version

Love to hear any suggestions.