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Author: Boian Bonev
To: Dimitris, devuan-mirrors
Subject: Re: [devuan-mirrors] Making the Devuan package mirrors DNS-RR better.

On Mon, 2022-05-16 at 00:04 +0300, Dimitris wrote:
> Στις 27/1/22 22:48, ο/η Boian Bonev έγραψε:
> > Name:   pkgmaster.devuan.org
> > Address: 2001:41d0:a:511b::98e4:cc90
> sometime during the last 2-3 days ipv6 address has changed for
> pkgmaster.devuan.org.
> new address : 2001:41d0:8:732b::587:52b3
> can a pkgmaster/devuan admin confirm this ipv6 change? ( and if
> possible, provide the new ssh fingerprints just to confirm)

Yes, this is expected - pkgmaster vm was moved from one location to
another and that implies change to both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

After the problem with the first location is resolved it will move back
and get the former addresses. I'd expect that to happen in the next
couple of days.

SSH fingerprint should be the same as before:

ECDSA key fingerprint is

With best regards,